Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 1:55 PM
Feedback from the latest committee meeting –

The baton system on gate 1 is working well and the guards are clocking in when required.  There were two minor issues last month but these were quickly resolved.
Our Chairman, Kim, has spoken to Edenvale CID about the large pothole at gate 2 and Linda McKenzie has agreed to repair the pothole.  The hole will be filled and, once it gets dryer, tarred.
The primary school is now contributing to the closure and Kim has entered into a contribution discussion with the high school. In the last month we have had 5 new residents come on board.  We really do appreciate your contribution, you are helping to make Edenglen a safer place and maintain property values.
The large chevrons on the closed gates need to be replaced and we will be doing this over the coming months.  The roofs on the huts will also be refurbished.
Our income is slightly ahead of expenses as repairs and maintenance has been lower than expected.
Unfortunately our neighbouring closures are not doing so well.  We hear that  two closures in Hurlyvale and one in Highway gardens are close to collapse. Once the level of contributors drops below break even operating the closure can become very difficult.  We are continually on this line and it would be great if non contributors could realise that they basically have to power to either sustain or close down our closure.  If you are not contributing others are carrying the burden for you while you get the benefit.  Joining up will make things easier for all your neighbours and ensure our operation is sustainable.
Remember to always maintain a high level of awareness, especially when you are leaving or entering your home/driveway.  Please tell your family and domestic workers to also be on the lookout.  Report all suspicious behaviour to Mamba control room (tel number below) and warn the residents using @ESRCAlert.
On behalf of the Edenglen South Road Closure Committee
Committee: Kim Johnson, Des Kelly, Derek Gowans, Dave Lones, James Taylor.
Emergency – Mamba (011 609 0227)
SAPS Sector 3 vehicle 071 675 6844/5
Twitter –  use @ESRCAlert to report suspicious activity or crime in progress to all residents of our suburb. – Our official web site, all past newsletters are posted here. – Community notice board. Do not post crime reports or closure operational issues here rather use our email for this.