Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 10:27 AM

We have reported a few incidents in the past few months mostly related to petty theft.  There was also an attempted break in last week.  It has been sometime since we have had a major incident and there is always the danger that we become complacent in our personal security.  Never let good security habits slack off. No matter how safe we feel we must continually be on the alert and check and re-check our security arrangements.  It has been shown in the past that entering and leaving your home is where most serious crime occurs. Remember to always check the road and surroundings when entering or exiting your property.

There has been further discussion on the implementation of a cell mast in van der Walt Rd.  Objections to this must be lodged by 15h00 this Friday.  A resident has posted how to object  on our blog site.  If you want to object or are interested in whats going on please visit –

A provisional date of 28 September has been set for our AGM.  As in the past – we will take questions from members up to a week before the AGM so if you want to raise any issues please let us know.

Stay safe!

Remember to always maintain a high level of awareness, especially when you are leaving or entering your home/driveway.  Please tell your family and domestic workers to also be on the lookout.  Report all suspicious behaviour to Mamba control room (tel number below) and warn the residents using @ESRCAlert.


On behalf of the Edenglen South Road Closure Committee
Committee: Kim Johnson, Des Kelly, Derek Gowans, Dave Lones, James Taylor.
Emergency – Mamba (011 609 0227)
SAPS Sector 3 vehicle 071 675 6844/5

Twitter –  use @ESRCAlert to report suspicious activity or crime in progress to all residents of our suburb. – Our official web site, all past newsletters are posted here. – Community notice board. Do not post crime reports or closure operational issues here rather use our email for this.