Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 1:27 PM

We are sure many of you have seen articles in the press on the latest crime statistics in South Africa.  Below is a link to such an article –

Increase in crimes rates this last year in Gauteng are among the highest in the country with hijackings increasing by 17% and robberies by 11%.
Our closure stats show the opposite of this trend with our crime rate flat over the last 5 years with an average of 4 incidents per year.
Sometimes we are informed by non contributors that they will not pay because road closures do not work.  There is absolutely no basis for this misinformed view. How else does one explain that our suburb experiences a significantly lower crime rate with no annual increase while the rest of the country contends with a crime epidemic?  Non contributors and their loved ones are gaining a massive benefit riding on the backs of those people who make the sacrifice to contribute to the closure. Can you really look your paying neighbor in the eye and tell him/her that closures are a waste of time?  Yes – OTHER PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR THE SECURITY AND SAFETY OF YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES.  It is time to share the burden and join with our community to fight against a crime wave that most logical South Africans say will only get worse in the coming years.  If the closure fails then your chances of being shot, murdered, raped, hijacked and robbed will drastically increase and your home values will drop significantly.   Even if it is to preserve the value of your home investment – it is worthwhile to become a contributor.
In the seven months before we closed we averaged 4 hijackings, 3 armed robberies,  4 burglaries and 12 incidents of car theft/break ins every month!  But the worse was 2 incidents of murder during the commission of these crimes.  This, and probably worse, is what waits for you, the committee, our spouses and our children if the closure fails.  We are not a for profit organisation.  We are a community orientated organisation and to keep costs down for the contributing members of our community we operate on a very thin margin.  A handful of non contributors could make the difference between us meeting our monthly financial obligations or the road closure failing.   All non contributors need to take a long and serious look at what is going on in the country and decide if they would rather join our community and strengthen the closure.  You cannot leave this responsibly to others and take advantage of their genuine concern for the safety and well being of their families and homes.
There is another serious concern that the committee has and that is with failed debit orders and the residents who committed to pay their contribution by EFT.  There is an increasing trend for debit orders to bounce and EFT payers to pay late, not pay or pay a smaller amount than committed.  The committee has undertaking several financial obligations which are based on commitments made by debit based and  EFT payers.  If you do not follow through on your promise to pay then we cannot meet all our obligations.  If we cannot meet our obligations then the closure will cease to exist.  This issue is putting an increasing burden on the committee and making our lives very stressful.  We appreciate that things are not great regards the economy but please do not leave us stranded.  Speak to us. Let us know if you have problems, we can make adjustments but if you have committed then we seriously need you to stick to your commitment.

Remember to always maintain a high level of awareness, especially when you are leaving or entering your home/driveway.  Please tell your family and domestic workers to also be on the lookout.  Report all suspicious behaviour to Mamba control room (tel number below) and warn the residents using @ESRCAlert.
On behalf of the Edenglen South Road Closure Committee
Committee: Kim Johnson, Des Kelly, Derek Gowans, Dave Lones, James Taylor.
Emergency – Mamba (011 609 0227)
SAPS Sector 3 vehicle 071 675 6844/5
Twitter –  use @ESRCAlert to report suspicious activity or crime in progress to all residents of our suburb. – Our official web site, all past newsletters are posted here. – Community notice board. Do not post crime reports or closure operational issues here rather use our email for this.