From: Karen Nortje []
Sent: 24 August 2018 11:14 AM
Subject: Water Use behaviour study by the CSIR in Edenglen area

Dear Ms Hart, thank you so much for our conversation yesterday.  I really appreciate you help in identifying suitable streets to work in.

The CSIR is currently conducting research on perceptions on household water use behaviour at the household level. Our research looks at household water use behaviour in six of the eight South African metropolitan areas by, comparing actual household water use with perceived water use in different dwelling types (houses, flats, informal settlements) and, for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The metropolitan municipalities are: City of Cape Town, City of Joburg, City of Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, eThekwini, and Mangaung. We hope that we can help our stakeholders and residents to better understand household water use at local government level and the measures they could take to curb excessive household water use by designing more informed policies and more nuanced household water use practices. To ensure success of this project we aim to work together with the governments of these municipalities as well as the residents of those municipalities to inform their water demand management strategies.

We are collecting data by means of administering surveys at the household level. This means that we will be deploying CSIR researchers and University of Pretoria students to walk from door to door in selected streets in the suburb and to ask the survey questions to adult homeowners/residents they find at home.   Edenglen is part of our survey. This coming Tuesday, 28 August 2018, from about 09:00 – 16:00, we plan to visit this area and conduct surveys. Given how difficult it is to find people at home, and for people to trust strangers in the street asking for information, we will be very grateful if you could let people in this area know of our presence there.

We will be a team of 8 researchers split into teams of 2 or 3. We will be wearing CSIR caps, and name badges, and will have clip boards with our surveys. We will be driving a white (10-seater, I think) minibus..

Given that some people will be at work during the hours when we will be in the area, our Plan B is that if the homeowner is not at home or does not have time to do the survey, they can opt to do an electronic survey at their convenience – so we take down their email addresses, or leave a little note in their mailbox with the link to our electronic survey.

Other important information:
1. We are only interested in speaking with adults (18 and above)
2. We are only interested in speaking with the homeowner or a member of the household that has a good knowledge and understanding of the household’s water use behaviours e.g. what is the primary source of water, what water saving techniques are being used in the household, how people feel about the last water restrictions and tarriff increases etc)
3. We will not be interviewing employees i.e. gardeners or domestic workers

I attach an information sheet to residents that can be used to draft the notice.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could please forward this message to the Sector 2 CPF Chairman/Secretary (if you know them) or to distribute to your whatsApp group, facebook group or via your email networks.

We really appreciate the help. I am happy to discuss this further should you have any questions.

Many thanks.

Karen Nortje
Social and Environmental Anthropologist
Senior Researcher: Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE)
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
PO Box 395  Room S210, Building 33
Pretoria   Meiring Naudé Road
0001   Brummeria, South Africa
Tel: (012) 841-4354
Cell: 079 495 2664

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