As many of you know Mamba has created a Whatsapp Security Group for our suburb.  The objective of this group is for residents to inform each other about suspicious activity or a current/ongoing crime situation.  If you are a Mamba client or a road closure member and want to join the Security Group then you can contact Mamba or SMS your name and address to 083 300 2975.   Mamba will then go through a process to verify you, and that you are an armed response client or road closure member.  Once done they will add you to the group.
The Closure Committee will soon close down the Twitter alert service @ESRCAlert as we believe that having multiple communication channels amongst the residents creates confusion and is not efficient. Many residents have indicated they would prefer Whatsapp so the committee fully supports Mamba with this endeavour.
As per our Twitter feed it is vital that everyone remains disciplined and uses the Whatsapp Security group correctly.  Ask yourself a question before you send any message on the Whatsapp Security Group  – “Does my message highlight, identify or provide information about a current (happening right now!) suspicious activity or ongoing crime situation in our suburb that ALL the residents should know about?”.  If the answer is no then don’t send your message.
Whatsapp is great for chit chat with groups of friends or family but in this case we are dealing with hundreds of people who you don’t know and who don’t know you.  At all times you must remember that your message is going to be seen by hundreds of people.  If we are not disciplined and civil then you will just be annoying lots of people,  people will stop paying attention to any alerts and someone may end up unnecessarily becoming a victim of crime and getting hurt.  So no icon/emojis (thumbs up, smiley faces etc), no messages saying “well done” “Nice!” etc.  We have already noticed some people leaving the group after there is a burst on non crime related chit chat.  It is important that this does not happen and everyone stays on the group and uses it for its intended purpose.
As per our Twitter alert process – please also call the Mamba control room to ensure the situation is properly logged with Mamba, do not assume everyone receives, reads and reacts to the messages until it is acknowledged by Mamba.
Mamba automatically assigned their clients to the security group.  We know that some residents left because they were not briefed, didn’t get or read the brochure that was distributed or did not understand what the group was about.  Others left because of the rate at which their phones were pinging as the group was getting established and stablised.  If you did leave you should reconsider joining.  If group notifications are disturbing you, you can set the specific group to mute so your phone does not ping with every message or every time someone is added.  We are also advising that you use a different notification sound so you can be audibly warned if there is a security issue in our suburb.
If you wish to add a user to the group or have any other admin queries rather use the Whatsapp direct message facility and send a message to the administrator.  Only the administrator can see your message.  You can also use this facility to privately message individuals on the group if you wish to have a private conversation with them.
Please note that if you have any problems with how the closure is being operated (e.g. broken boom, poor service) then please do not use the Security Whatsapp group to communicate about the issue.  Send us an email about your concern.  We normally respond within a day or two and are committed to resolving any operational issues as soon as we can.
If you have any operational issues with Mamba then contact them directly.  If you have any compliments for Mamba then rather leave a message on their Facebook page.
It is important that all residents understand legally and contractually how the Mamba and Closure service aligns. We have done this in the past and it is a good idea to go through this again.  If you are not a Mamba armed response client then Mamba staff can not enter your property, this includes closure members who are not Mamba clients.  Our 24 hour vehicle will go up to the entrance of your property but if you are an ADT client for example, then the Mamba staff member will not go onto your property as this could create a potentially dangerous situation once the ADT vehicle arrives and the ADT staff member enters the property.  It could result in the ADT and Mamba staff member shooting at each other.  If you have no armed response and the Mamba staff member enters your property and you are not expecting it then you both could end up shooting at each other.  There have been cases where a Mamba staff member has used his discretion to enter a property but this has been in extreme cases such as to resuscitate a home owner who had a heart attack.

Remember to always maintain a high level of awareness, especially when you are leaving or entering your home/driveway.  Please tell your family and domestic workers to also be on the lookout.  Report all suspicious behaviour to Mamba control room (tel number below) and warn the residents using @ESRCAlert.
On behalf of the Edenglen South Road Closure Committee
Committee: Kim Johnson, Des Kelly, Derek Gowans, Dave Lones, James Taylor.
Emergency – Mamba (011 609 0227)
SAPS Sector 3 vehicle 071 675 6844/5
Twitter – report any suspicious activity or crime in progress to all residents of our suburb by including the word @ESRCAlert in your twitter message.  Make sure you are following @ESRCAlert to immediately receive any crime related messages. – Our official web site, all past newsletters are posted here. – Community notice board. Do not post crime reports or closure operational issues here rather use our email for this.