10 Apr 2018 am Pieterse Ave Break-in (Res) (Non Mamba Client)
28 Mar 2018 Erasmas Rd Break-in (Res)
30 Mar 2018 Le Roux St Break-in (Res)

31 Jan 2018

Le Roux St Break-in (Res)

23 Jan 2018

Clark Rd Hi-jacking (Res)

12 Jan 2018

George Fajans Rd Break-in (Res)
19 Dec 2017 Edendale Rd Lapstops and TV’s were stolen.
17 Dec 2017 Holtzhauzen Rd A car and maid’s room was broken into.
15 Dec 2017 Ferero Rd Car stolen. The car and some goods were recovered.
6 Dec 2017 16:00 Marcal Crescent There was a hijacking in the Edenglen North Enclosure at 4 pm. The suspects were in a black Audi.  A black Audi was used in our Barbara St incident about 2 weeks ago.  Please be on the alert for this vehicle.  If you see a black Audi A3 registration CM60GL GP  please call Mamba immediately.
26 Nov 2017 van der Walt St. There was a break in where a large amount of cash and cells phones were stolen.  The circumstances related to this event are under investigation.
26 Nov 2017  Bruwer St. There was an attempted hijack/robbery in Bruwer St.  Mamba was alerted, gave chase, cornered the crooks and arrested them with the assistance of SAPS.  These appear to be the same crooks involved in the previous robbery.
21 Nov 2017  Barbara St. There was a hijacking of a vehicle in Barbara St.
18 Nov 2017 van der Walt St. At an undetermined time a zozo hut in van der Walt street was broken into and bikes and a generator were stolen.
4 Aug 2017 04:00 Maree Crescent A resident reported the theft of a mountain bike at 4 a.m.
3 Aug 2017 It appears that the cutting of our fence at gate 3 was another attempt to try and steel the batteries in the Telkom box rather than trying to get into the closure.  Our fence has been repaired and reinforced.
3 Aug 2017 We have had a report of a property being marked on the pavement with sticks and a bottle.  The debate on this one never ends (is it fact or a myth) but it is better to be safe than sorry so we are letting you know about it.
13 Jun 2017 Palliser & Wagenaar Rds  3 arrested near the border.
8 Jun 2017 Wagenaar Rd We received the following report from a resident –


A team of people in a car arrived at our gate on Wagenaar Rd this afternoon saying that they are conducting a survey. My wife responded to the lady at the gate who asked about her bank preferences, would she like to change or bank, do we shop at spar and where do we shop. At this stage my wife terminated the discussion, feeling uneasy about a potential scam.


As is the case in previous reports of incidents like this – please ensure the person has the correct credentials and be wary of letting anyone onto your property or giving out personal information unless you are 100% sure.

8 Jun 2017 Horwood Farm Mamba chased and rrested 5 criminals involved in an armed robbery in Croydon.  Stopped at Horwood Farm and a shootout occurred. 1 criminal killed.  All Mamba staff unharmed.
3 Jun 2017 Ferrero Rd Armed Robbery & hi-jacking.
6 May 2017 Baker St Armed Robbery (Bu) Karaglen Spar panic box.
11 Mar 2017 Amanda St Burglary and hi-jacking
26 Jan 2017 15:00 Barbara Rd Robbery and attempted hi-jacking
14 Jan 2017 Intruders jumping over walls near boundary.
6 Dec 2016 Le Roux St Break-in and theft
27 Nov 2016 Barbet St Attempted house break-in
27 Oct 2016 20:13 Clark St Car break-in
18 Oct 2016 17:40 Van der walt Rd Break-in
15 Oct 2016 19:12 Mulder Rd Break-in
10 Oct 2016 23:50 Edendale Rd The special ops team stopped a car and made an arrest.  Housebreaking tools were found in the vehicle
6 Oct 2016 13:32 Baker/Steyn St Attempted house break-in. Dog shot. Suspects on foot.
6 Oct 2016 14:01 Brenda Rd House Robbery.
4 Oct 2016 07:26 Greef Rd Attempted break-in.
24 Aug 2016 Robbery – residents tied up and pistol whipped.
29 May 2016 East St Medical Emergency (Res)
22 May 2016 Cnr Erasmus & Palliser Rds Robbery and arrest of two.
20 May 2016 Wagenaar Rd Medical Emergency (Res)
26 Feb 2016 Arend St Vehicle Theft (Res) – Non-Client
14 Feb 2016 Yaron Rd Gate motor theft.
14 Feb 2016 Edendale East Rd Gate motor theft – half a gate motor.
21 Jan 2016 Ferero St Intruder apprehended by Mamba before crime could be committed. Resident reported suspect.
19 Jan 2016 Stabbing of young woman in her twenties.  Domestic Incident.
 16 Jan 2016 Ferero St Gate motor theft.
11 Dec 2015 Granville Rd Break-in and robbery while owners were not at home.
30 Nov 2015 Ferero St Break-in and robbery to main house while owners were on the premises, in their home office.
12 Nov 2015 13:00 Viljoen St Armed robbery. 4 robbers came in on foot. Not a Mamba or Road Closure member, so details of theft are sketchy.
29 Oct 2015 14:00 Barbara St Armed robbery. A silver or brown Audi involved. Jumped over wall and gained entry. Made off with TV’s and other valuables.
20 Sep 2015 Edenvale Area  Watch out for a white Golf GTi ZWK 110 GP. With 5 b/m occupants who were involved in 3 armed robberies in Edenvale this weekend.  In most cases the victims had their gates open allowing easy access.
4 Aug 2015 Eastleigh Area Car hijacked in the Eastleigh Area this morning.  Keep a look out for this car when you are driving in our area please.

Silver BMW SVK413GP

15 July 2015 07:58 Granville Rd Armed robbery. Car hijacking, Driving into driveway. Suspects – Silver BMW with 2 black males.
18 July 2015 20:45 Du Plessis Rd Armed robbery. Cell phone and jewelry theft. Driving in to driveway. Suspects – Silver BMW with 2 black males.
20 July 2015 George Fajans Armed robbery. Car hijacking.
10 June 2015 04:00 Wagenaar St Attempted break-in
12 June 2015 ? Granville Rd Robbery
25 June 2015 02:20 Greeff St Attempted break-in
21 January 2016 am du Plessis Street Details unknown – non client
13 December 2014 10:05 Collins Street Armed robbery
Armed robbers broke through pedestrian gate and robbed family.
19 September 2014 Edenglen Area Red Golf Alert – Break-ins
14 March 2014 Van der Walt Rd Armed robbery

Lady was followed from Greenstone and robbed at home.

2 February 2014 13:00 Edendale Rd Armed robbery

Three criminals jumped over the wall

13 November 2013 am Holthauzen Rd Armed robbery

The suspects were driving a silver Audi A4

11 October 2013 10:00 Edendale Rd East Armed robbery

The suspects were driving a silver Audi A4 RHJ808GP

15 August 2013 11:00 Ferrero Rd Break-in (Non Client)


25 July 2013 15:14 Elize Rd Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
21 July 2013 10:00 Ferrero Rd Break-in
18 July 2013 09:37 George Fajans Rd Attempted break-in
(Electric fence activation)
15 July 2013


 14:45  Marcal Crescent
(Edenglen North)
Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
17 June 2013 11:30 Gate 3 (Wagenaar & Palliser Rd) Guard assaulted at gate
12 June 2013 11:12 Elof St
(Edenglen North)
Attempted break-in
12 June 2013 23:07 Wagenaar & Palliser Rds
(Edenglen North)
Alarm activation


7 April 2013 19:00 Ferrero Rd Attempted Hi-jacking
20 February 2013 11:50 West St Burglary
14 November 2012 17:55 Baker St/Steyn St Drug related incident
3 October 2012 Brenda St Armed Robbery (Res)
27 September 2012 11:34 Du Plessis St Break-in – alarm wasn’t armed
12 September 2012 08:21 Terrace Rd Theft out of Motor Vehicle
1 September 2012 18:30 van der Walt Rd Robbery
15 August 2012 11:43 Eliza Rd Break-in – system disarmed
7 August 2012 13:57 Rose Street  Attempted Break-in
16 July 2012 19:45 Wexford Manor

(Edenglen North)

Medical Emergency (Phone-in)


13 July 2012 14:15 Richgrove Body Corporate
(Edenglen North)
Armed Robbery (Res)
5 July 2012 19:06 Edendale East Rd Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
13 June 2012 20:48 Van der Walt Rd Fire
6 June 2012 13.03 Van Tonder Rd Dead Body
1 June 2012 09.15 Smith St (Edenglen North) Bus Break-in (2 arrested)
30 May 2012 06:00 Maree Rd (Edenglen North) Robbery
24 May 2012 20:02 George Fajans St Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
14 May 2012 18.48 Reid St Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
1 May 2012 18.29 Reid St Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
9 April 2012 16.38 Erasmus Rd Medical Emergency (Phone-in)
7 April 2012 10.05 Tim St Break-in and arrest
6 April 2012 18:16 Steyn St Abusive Domestic Situation
30 March 2012 Philip Medalie St Robbery  (House for Sale)
16 March 2012 16:27 Van Rijn St  (Edenglen North) Break-in
15 March 2012 09:00 Taljaard St Armed robbery
04 March 2012 20:22 Jones Rd (Edenglen North) Theft
02 March 2012 10:57 Edendale East Rd Break-in
02 March 2012 am Holtzhauzen St Armed robbery & hijacking
27 February 2012 07:56 Sandpiper Rd Armed robbery
11 January 2012 16:17 Smith St (Edenglen North) Motor vehicle theft
10 January 2012 10:47 Granville Rd Break-in
21 December 2011 19:59 Holthauzen St Armed robbery
16 December 2011 Wagenaar & Harris Boom Gate Assault
15 December 2011 16:20 Erasmus & Vincent St Medical emergency (Patrol)
5 December 2011 20:27


Granville Rd


Medical emergency
(Panic activation)
25 November 2011 08:00 Granville Rd Armed robbery
31 October 2011 19:59 Smith St (Edenglen North) Break-in
27 October 2011 15.52 Amanda St Theft
21 October 2011 16:20  Steyn St
(Edenglen High School)
24 September 2011 22:48 Johan St Medical emergency (Patrol)
6 September 2011 23:04 Clarke St Medical emergency (Phone in)
6 September 2011 09:26 Leisure Park Village Medical emergency (Phone in)
26 August 2011 Smith St  (Edenglen North) Armed robbery
22 August 2011 Green Consumables
(Edenglen North)
Break-in (Bus)
16 August 2011 Jack Rd (Edenglen North) Armed robbery
20th July 2011 07:00 Lindeque Rd Armed robbery & hijacking
28th June 06:20 Amanda Rd Armed robbery & hijacking
22nd June 2011 16:15 Sandpiper Rd Armed robbery
20th June 2011 15:49 Terrace Rd (Edenglen North) Theft
15th June 2011 07:11 Terrace Rd (Edenglen North) Break-in
14th June 2001 07:50 cnr Barbara & Wagenaar Rds Armed robbery & hijacking
14th June 2011 20:40 Wagenaar Rd Illegal manufacturing
12th June 2011 10:50 Viljoen St Hijacking
5th June 2011 09:34 Bredell St (Edenglen North) Armed robbery & knifepoint
3rd Jun 2011 07:50 Amanda Rd Armed robbery & hijacking
1st Jun 2011 11:17 Sadie Rd Medical emergency
24th May 2011 11:49 Heunis St Armed robbery
24th May 2011 04:37 Edendale East Rd Medical emergency
13 May 2011 08:52 Van der Walt St Armed robbery
8 May 2011 06:28 Clark St Break-in
29th Apr 2011 17:20 Paul St Armed robbery
23rd Apr 2011 22:04 cnr Baker & Harris Rds Pointing of firearm (panic activation)
15th Apr 2011 14:06 Fox Street (Edenglen North) Armed robbery
8th Apr 2011 03:16 Granville Rd Break-in (Alarm Activation)
7th Apr 2011 17:40 Maree Crescent Armed robbery
23th Mar 2011 12:52 Van Tonder Rd Medical emergency
22th Mar 2011 16:47 Taljaard St Break-in
19th Mar 2011 16:40 Tim St Medical emergency
17th Mar 2011 15:50 cnr Smith & Aitken Robbery
8th Mar 2011 19:12 Palliser Rd Medical emergency
8th Mar 2011 10:09 Baker Rd (Spar) Armed robbery
22th Feb 2011 08:17 Ferrero Rd Hijacking
20th Feb 2011 17:15 Van Rijn St Hijacking (vehicle recovered)
14th Feb 2011 22:41 Surveyor St Medical emergency
8th Feb 2011 12:52 Heunis St Medical emergency
7th Feb 2011 07:45 Holtzhauzen Rd Armed robbery
31st Jan 2011 07h28 Amanda Rd Vehicle break-in
31st Jan 2011 04h46 Wagenaar Rd Vehicle break-in
12th Dec 2010 15h47 Arend Rd House break-in (X1)
11th Dec 2010 11h28 Edendale East Armed robbery
6th Dec 22h49 Glenvale Villa, Clarke St Shooting
Mon 15th Nov 2010 16h01 Bruwer Rd Attempted house break-in
Wed 10th Nov 2010 19h27 Viljoen Rd House break-in
Fri 8th Oct 2010 11h00 cnr Du Plessis & Clark Rds Theft & Arrest (3 arrested)
Thur 7th Oct 2010 07h37 Lindeque Rd Armed robbery
Wed 29th Sep 2010 18h50 Ferrero Rd Armed robbery & shooting
Fri 3rd Sep 2010 09h09 Johan Rd Armed robbery
25th Aug 2010 20h15 East Rd Armed robbery
16th Aug 2010 East Rd Armed robbery
JULY 2010
Wed 28th Jul 2010 08h03 Collins Rd Armed robbery
Tues 27th Jul 2010 15h38 Lindeque Rd Armed robbery
Sat 24th Jul 2010 14h00 Granville Rd Armed robbery
Thur 15 Jul 2010 14h08 Van der Walt Rd Armed robbery
Sat 10th Jul 2010 Ferrero Rd House break-in. Arrest
JUNE 2010
Sat 19th Jun 2010 17h22 West Rd Hijacking
Fri 4th Jun 2010 13h01 Clark Rd House break-in
MAY 2010
Thur 13th May 2010 12h36 Holtzhausen Rd House break-in
Wed 12th May 2010 18h38 Collins Rd Armed robbery
Fri 7th May 2010 07h55 Sandpiper Rd Armed robbery
APRIL 2010
Tues 20th Apr 2010 19h11 Granville Rd Armed robbery
Thur 15th Apr 2010 10h51 Granville Rd Armed robbery. 4 suspects arrested
Wed 14th Apr 2010 12h03 East Rd House break-in
MARCH 2010
Wed 31st Mar 2010 06h50 Van der Walt Rd Hijacking
Sun 28th Mar 2010 17h30 Arend Rd Armed robbery
Mon 8th Mar 2010 12h08 Wagenaar Rd Vehicle break-in
Sun 28th Feb 2010 03h15 Elize Rd Attempted break-in
Mon 4th Jan 2010 19h21 Edenvale East Hijacking
Fri 11th Dec 2009 00h52 Sadie Rd Armed robbery
Sun 13th Dec 2009 07h10 Elize Rd Vehicle theft – recovered
Sat 19th Dec 2009 12h50 Granville Rd Armed robbery & vehicle theft
Sat 19th Dec 2009 21h20 Sadie Rd Pointing of firearm
Sun 27th Dec 2009 21h02 Edendale East Hijacking
Wed 4th Nov 2009 07h:38 Granville Rd Vehicle break-in
Wed 4th Nov 2009 08h18 George Fajans Rd Vehicle break-in
Wed 4th Nov 2009 unknown Du Plessis Rd Vehicle break-in
Thurs 1st Oct 2009 21:25 Holtzhausen Rd Hijacking
Sat 10th Oct 2009 21h25 Sadie Rd Armed Robbery
Sat 5th Sep 2009 unknown Elize Rd Vehicle break-in
Tues 8th Sep 2009 08h26 Holtzhausen Rd Armed Robbery
Mon 14th Sep 2009 08h06 Elize Rd Hijacking
Tues 22nd Sep 2009 20h52 Viljoen Rd Attempted hijacking
Wed 23rd Sep 2009 07h38 Ferrero Rd Vehicle break-in
Thurs 24th Sep 2009 07h30 Van Der Walt Rd Vehicle break-in
Mon 17th Aug 2009 17h20 Viljoen Rd House break-in