Driveway Awareness

The driveway is one of the most dangerous points for criminals to make contact to commit crimes. Therefore, when you are approximately two minutes away from a destination, please adhere to the following:

  •   Switch off the radio and DO NOT talk on your cell phone, especially when driving into the driveway.
  •   Scan your surroundings for any vehicles following you. Especially when leaving a shopping centre or after visiting a bank.
  •  ALWAYS LOOKOUT for two or more unknown males on foot or in a vehicle in your immediate environment.
  •  STAY ALERT and FOCUSED when entering or exiting your vehicle. BE AWARE of who is in your immediate environment.
  •  DO NOT LEAVE the driveway gate open unnecessarily. Close the gate immediately after you have entered or exited the driveway.
  •  If you believe you are being followed especially when coming from a shopping centre– DO NOT STOP OR GO HOME!
    Continue driving and call Mamba.

Domestic/Staff Awareness

Please brief all domestic workers and staff to be vigilant when taking out the dustbins on rubbish collection day (Tuesday).

  •  They must take a panic button with them
  •  Ensure they are let out the property with no gate remotes/keys to the house and then let back in.
  •  CAP’s ICCC also stress the importance of pre-employment vetting of staff.

Before hiring domestic staff, contractors, or security guards, please ensure to do the following:

  1.  Polygraph test and criminal background fingerprint check
  2. Reference checking of past employment
  3. All employee documentation should be stored in a safe place

Holiday Tips

  • Test your alarms on a regular basis.
  • Make your home look occupied.
  • Install time lights.
  • Ask a neighbour to put out the bin.
  • Ask a neighbour to empty the letter box.
  • Ask a neighbour to open and close curtains.
  • Advise Mamba of your keyholder’s details when going away.
  • Stop Newspaper deliveries whilst you are away.

General Safety Tips

  • VIGILANCE is the name of the game.
  • If you do not have cameras installed outside your walls then look outside before opening the driveway gate, especially if your gate and walls are solid. Crime is on the increase. If we all look out for ourselves AND our neighbours, we can reduce this terrible trend.
  • Look into your rear view mirror and pay particular attention to being followed. Drive to the Police station if you are out of the area. Phone Mamba and alert guards as you stop at the booms.Do not approach home whilst on your cellphone. Be aware of cars following you.
  • Please call Mamba or SSG if you suspect anybody. Take note of watchers on pavements, parked cars and people out of place.
  • Get to know your neighbours. We live in an enclave, together we can make Edenglen a safe peaceful area.
  • Crime is mainly perpetrated by persons entering our area: gardeners, contractors, domestics. About 80% of crime is perpetrated by persons who have had access to your property. The balance is caused by bad elements living within our area.
  • Neglecting your security results in vulnerability and increased crime. Please close your gates and garage doors. Take note of what will make your home attractive to a criminal. Lock away firearms, cash, laptops, jewellery.
  • Microdot your valuables. See the Community Police Forum website for more information. There was also an article in the Edenvale News recently about this new technology.
  • Vigilance decreases crime. Look before leaving your homes. Take note of “watchers” sitting on pavements, and call Mamba. The average age of criminals is 20 to 25 years. There is no definite trend for “crime times”. Increase your security and maintain constant awareness. Now that the world cup is over, criminals are on the move again.
  • Screen your domestics. New employees are often scouts out to observe your movements. Everyone has a cell phone, which is often used to photograph valuables, cameras and alarm sensors. Mamba offers a screening service for a charge. Nobody wants to unknowingly employ a criminal.
  • Domestic workers are a valuable source of information. Take note of what they see and encourage your staff to report anything suspicious to Mamba or SSG. Be aware that staff and contractors may inadvertently give out information whist conversing amongst themselves.
  • Do not leave out boxes for new TV’s and computers. This is advertising!
  • The committee has made the decision to use as much technology as possible to assist SAPS in apprehending criminals. All residents are encouraged to follow suit. Criminals are also using technology. Get your own back and photograph suspicious persons and vehicles. Any resident requiring video footage from the gates are please requested to provide their own memory sticks.
  • Communication Closes Down Crime. Know your neighbours. Get relevant contact details and look out for each other. By hiding out behind our walls and keeping to ourselves we actually assist criminals.
  • Make sure your house number is visible. This is vital for Mamba, SAPS and ambulance and other services to respond quickly.
  • Roadblocks will be conducted by SAPS and Mamba on a regular basis. Those residents who do not display a membership sticker will unfortunately be inconvenienced.
  • Join your closure and volunteer to serve on the committee. The more help offered, the stronger we will be.

Visit Mamba’s website for more Security Tips –

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